Up Up Girls Members' Comments of "YOSAKOI Soran Festival"

Publish at 2016/06/27

Up Up Girls participated in the "YOSAKOI Soran Festival" in Sapporo City, Hokkaido on June 11 (Saturday).

■Looking back at the event■

"Party People Alien" of this time was rearranged especially for the event, and its dance was also arranged with us taking Narukos(a kind of festival instrument) to perform at YOSAKOI Soran festival. (Manami Arai)

At first, we could not even catch up with the over-speeding rhythm. After consulting with our dance teacher, we made it easier to remember while keeping the original dance. (Konatsu Furukawa)

Visitors gave warm response to our pose of alien. In particular, little children danced together with us. I was very glad to see their support. (Minami Sengoku)

During the parade, fans who were carrying flags appealed towards the audience for us. (Azusa Sekine)

They waved the flags to lift up the audience's spirits, which was really worth our study. (Saki Mori)

Last year we performed in 7, and it was of little scale from the start till the end. This time we were able to share our happiness with many people after the performance ended, and I felt it was the goodness of YOSAKOI. (Ayano Sato)

I was very happy that we had a great time with fans, and shared the thrill of dancing together. (Akari Saho)

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