An Interview to Noda Hitomin of READY TO KISS

Publish at 2016/05/29

Recently employed in the promotion of DUC DE NONTAGNE ROSE and made public in an animation, Noda Hitomin is known a “Delicacy Inspiring You Ready to Kiss”. Her saucy kissing the audience with maiden smile is popular in the media.

“Who is that belle?”
‘Hitomin Noda is filming a commercial”. We have not met her, but people say that she is adorable. Let’s take a look at her!

This website gives a special interview to Hitomin Noda who played an attractive role in the commercial.

This video will take your breath away.
(最后一句有语病:the interview will catch the bashful Hitomin Nanoda filming the commercial.

How do you view your role in the commercial?

Noda: I feel ashamed and abashed at my gauche acting. (LAUGH). I sense that I am not sufficiently transported to my role.

--How is your acting experience?

Noda: It is my maiden spectacle.

--Your debut, then. It must be very different from what you did before. How do you like it?

--Noda: Very much. You know, my era is coming, finally.
--That’s to say, you were not overwhelmed with anxieties and despondence, but with a desire for gallant shows.

Noda: Exactly. I do want to have a shot.

How is that blushing video with more than 10 kiss?

Finally, the titillating video of everyone’s concern. Though it smacks of a little sexual harassment, please read on though you are flushing and heart beating.

--Weren’t you shy at the filming?

Noda: yes, very much. But since it is my job, I had to overcome my diffidence. (Laugh)

--- It is indeed very challenging for a debut such as yours to do so. By the way, did you receive any instructions on kissing and acting?

Noda: None at all. I was given some ideas, but the rest of the work was mine.

---It is not likely to pass the filming at one shot, yes? How many times did you kiss?

Noda: More than 10. I was used to it from the 5th kiss.

--- The commercial is filmed for celebrity life. It is reported that much efforts have been put into it.

Noda: Indeed. You know, poses after poses, it was really hard, but I dragged myself to the filming.

How does Miss Noda “tantalize” her fans?

--- Can everybody see in the specials? Do you tantalize your fans?
Noda: Yes, sometimes. (Laugh).

---It is kidding, but somehow changing your way of speaking an approaching does bring more happiness to others.
Noda: But my loyal fans are not many. I have got to humor them, so that you become only loyal to me. (LAUGH)

The Much Disputed “Kiss You Good Night”

--- How is everybody’s reaction to your “Kiss You Good Night”?
Noda: I was bit embarrassed when my fans would see me the moment they wake up in the morning and go to bed in the evening. (Laugh)

--- But it must be enjoyable to your fans to have you kiss them good morning and good night. (LAUGH)
--- You know, it had already become a hot topic when first made open to the media, so I guess the discussions of it are growing more and more heated.
Noda: Indeed. I often saw them posted on Twitter. My agent said “we have many, many postings”. (LAUGH)

What?! A House Girl?! A Prying into Noda’s Private life
--- I would like to know something about your recent private life?

Noda: I find a lot of amusements at home.

--- Then, what do you do every day?

Noda: Watching my filmed video and cartoons. Twitter and blogs. I am dying to hang out with my closest friends, but I don’t have the time.

Let’s go ahead to dig more about this popular Miss Noda, the special her.

Her Profile
Name: Noda Hitomi
Nationality: Japan
Her mother is mixed of Spain and Philippines, so Noda is of three descents, Japanese, Spanish, and Philippines.
Age: 20
Birthday: 8/10/1995
Hobbies: Shopping, goblins,
Interest: Learning all the wonders of the earth, exploring for all the strange, unnatural mysteries.
Stunt: Imitation of Stitch
Hot squad REASY TO KISS has its fans from Hong Kong and Thailand, as well as from Japan. They are members of SAKIHITO.
READY TO KISS’s commercial at DUC DE MONTAGNE won them great popularity. Their cartoons are hot not only in Japan, but also in some other Asian countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.
--- You have 3 bloods in your veins.
Noda: I was dispatched to the READY To KISS expedition to Thailand and Hong Kong. Though mixed of Philippines and Spanish, I have never had the chance for a solo concert there. I dream to be there the soonest I can.
---Do you speak a foreign language?
Noda: No, I don’t. My elders speak Philippines, so I pick up a little. My mom speaks Japanese, Tagalog, English. She is my interpreter.

---So you hope to travel to Philippines and Spain at an earlier time?

--- Noda: Sure. Philippines, especially, I have families there. They are all highly anticipating our visit.

--- I guess the responsibility of hosting entertainment activities and inspiring your Philippines fans will fall on your shoulders. Did you do it a lot before?
Noda: Not much. I asked others to help me. (LAUGH). I was not a good inflamer. I should have practiced more.
--- For the trip to Philippines, work hard, then.

Noda: I used to call mom at my live shows, begging her to teach me some inflammatory words, for I could not make my fans crazy for our performances.

--- Interesting. (LAUGH) And, your hobby? You are interested in the universe?
Noda: Yes, I am. When I saw the picture of earth taken from Mars, I could not help wondering the vastness and immenseness of universe; and that whether I, in the span my life, could dive into some of its mysteries.
---- Apart from goblins and locking yourself at home, are you driven into believing day-dreaming and imaginary things?
Noda: Yes, I sometimes withdraw myself in the imaginary world. But as much as my mind is excessively full of illusions, I have never believed a specter really living in this world.

READY To KISS’s Expedition Abroad and Campaign.

---- Last year READY TO KISS released a new album, launched entertaining campaigns abroad. To start with, what do you say about your expedition abroad?
Noda: Hong Kong people were very nice, and worshipped us a lot, perhaps because we were special. (LAUGH). Though I could not make out what they said, I had been for many times invited to their special gatherings, which made me very happy. I only knew two Cantonese expressions 谢谢(Thank you) and 名字(Name). (LAUGH). I should have learned before I came to Hong Kong.
---And, Thailand?

Noda: Awesome! The hotels were grand and gorgeous! The restaurants outside had a feast of fine food. I had a good time. The only shame is I was not popular in Thailand, and I sometimes thought if no one thought me adorable, I would rather not return to Japan. Then I wandered aimlessly in the streets. (LAUGH)

--- Perhaps your pretty face is not to their fond preference.

Noda: I guess so. Once I ogled a street cleaner, and I did not go away till he finally admitted to me I was adorable. (LAUGH).

--- Is it your goal to win this street cleaner? What about your fans?

---Noda: Well, it is a lucky thing to meet someone who is a star chaser. But common Thais find me quite plain. What a shame! I really wish I were popular among the ordinary people. You know what? Some fans from Hong Kong came to see me in Thailand! It is rather pleasing to talk to people from different countries.

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