Negicco to hold live solo concert at NHK Hall

Publish at 2016/06/08

Negicco, the 3-member idol unit from Niigata, announced during the live show at Sun Plaza, Nakano (on April 27), that the band will hold another live solo concert at NHK Hall on July 30, 2016. For Negicco, NHK Hall is a place full of fond memories, as they debuted from this venue. The July 20 show will also mark the 13th anniversary of Negicco. The tickets will be available for sale from 18:00, April 28 (Thu) for the FC (Fans’ Club) members.

In addition, Negicco announced the entire content of their original album Tea for Three, which will be released on May 24, 2016. The newly released songs are:
 Kounan Night song
Lyrist: Ootsubo Kana, Connie
Composer and arranger: Spangle call Lilli line
 Rainbow
Lyrist and composer: Hiraga Sachie
Arranger: Kai Takahashi (LUCKY TAPES)
 Down with SNS
Lyrist: Dojima Kohei
Composer: Okamotokouki (OKAMOT’S)
Arranger: OKAMOTO’S
 Come to me
Lyrist: Sakamoto Maaya
Composer: connie
Arranger: connie, Takatoshi Shindo

In addition, Negicco is going to pre-release their Saturday Evening from April 28 (Thu), via KKBOX, Asia’s largest subscription music service, in 6 Asian countries, including Japan.

New album

Title: Tea for Three
Release date: May 24, 2016 (Tue.)


Saturday Evening will be pre-released via KKBOX from April 28 (Thu)

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