Shiina Pikarin × Kayac, Entire Music Video Completed!!

Publish at 2016/06/03

Shiina Pikarin released Heart of Devildom/MITSU TO BATSU on May 3, 2016, which is her first single after she joined FORCE MUSIC. Ahead of the release, she completed the music video of Heart of Devildom. The director is Amano from KAYAC Inc.. The original guitar made for this MV will be a highlight.

[MUSIC VIDEO of Shiina Pikarin Heart of Devildom]

[Comments from Shiina Pikarin and Koyuki Amano, the MV Director]

Sometimes we shot on a ship, sometimes in a factory, I was sometimes chased after by mysterious monsters, sometimes having lesbian love with them …As it will become a profound PV (promotion video), I hope that everybody could enjoy it by imagining all the possible stories and endings… ♪. Also please pay attention to the only devil guitar in the world! But I must ask for your forgiveness, as it is my very first time to touch a thing called guitar…

I am honored to have fabricated the story in this MV, which displays the devil-like loveliness of Shiina Pikarin. We also made her an original guitar as an item in Devildom, which appears in the MV.

■Profile of Shiina Pikarin ■
Shiina Pikarin is not only a regular model for fashion magazines like POPTEEN and KERA, but also a devil idol coming from Devildom with a mission of preaching her Devildom. She is also a producer of an apparel brand MissaMissa, a cosplayer, a fashion icon of sub-culture. She has numerous followers, not only from Japan, but also from Taiwan and China.

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■Profile of Koyuki Amano, Director (KAYAC Inc.) ■

Creative director, movie manager, founder of KAYAC, member of client work team.
He is in direct charge of contents development using up-to-date techniques, campaigns and advertising and promotion. He is also devoted in development of otaku culture projects, and works on developing contents with animation-like expressing power. He is the developer of individual production Glistening Skirt, which belongs to a program promoting ‘absolute area’.

Yahoo! Japan Internet Creative Award 2013 Smart Device Ad. (Campaign Dept.): Gold
Grand Prix of Mobile Advertising: Grand Prix
10th Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards cci; Smart Device (Ad. Dept.): Candidate
11th Mobile Ad. Award: Good Ad. Award
51st Ad. for Consumers Contest (Website dept.): Silver

■Product Information
Shiina Pikarin, devil fallen from the Devildom
Her first piece as a lyrist; produced by sound producer Matsukuma Kenta
The first single since Shiina Pikarin joined in FORCE MUSIC!

Shiina Pikarin’s new single Heart of Devildom / MITSU TO BATSU
May 3, 2016 On Sale

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