Collaboration Unit of Honeyworks & Sphere Becomes Oricon Weekly Top 10!

Publish at 2016/06/04

Loved you for ages; love confession association is a theatre animation based on Honeyworks’ music series “Love Confession Committee; Love Series”. The animation will be available nationwide on April 23 ( The ending song of the animation is Our Each Moment by Honeyworks Meets Sphere, a collaboration unit of Honeyworks and Sphere, which ranked 9th in Oricon Weekly (May 2, 2016).

The animation attracted 50,528 people within 2 days of the first week of roadshow, and the box office hit 70,507,400 Japanese yen. According to a cinema ranking media Kogyo Tsushinsha, the animation was ranked 8th in terms of popularity and box office sales. This opened door to the great hit of the animation.

On the first day of roadshow, special events were held at Makuhari Event Hall. There were animations on show, and dubblers’ stage greetings and performances, and special lives of OP, ED and other used songs. Each event had 2 acts in the morning and evening, and lasted for 3 hours with 5,000 people watching it. The live showed in the daytime were available for live-viewing in 81 cinemas. There were 7,000 people watching in cinemas, adding up to 17,000 people attending these events in theatres all over the nation. On the second day (April 24), the animation was displayed at 8th Okinawa International Movie Festival. Gom (HoneyWorks), Shunsuke Saito from Aniplex (producer), and Kumapan as the mascot of HoneyWorks appeared on the glamorous red carpet, and greeted audience on the stage. The fans of the event were mostly middle school and high school girls, to whom banners of thanks for the full house were offered.

In addition, as a sequel to the animation, “Forget Not the Leap of Heart; Love Confession Association” was due to release. An official goods shop of HoneyWorks has been open with time limit at Tokyo Shibuya109 since April 22, 2016. It is attracting more and more customers.

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