Houkago Princess's 3rd Single "Seisyun Mermaid" Music Video Disclosed

Publish at 2016/06/16

After playing Cinderella, Snow White and Marie Antoinette, Houkago Princess turned into "Mermaid Princess" this time! The short version music video of its 3rd single "Seisyun Mermaid" has been published on YouTube.

In accordance with the theme of Mermaid Princess, the music video was taken against the background of sea. Cranes were used to set up rocky areas alongside the sea, and one would probably mistake it for some European coastlines telling from dynamic shooting.

It was Houkago Princess's first location-based MV. The leader Nana Odagiri commented "it is beautiful and fantastic ... it's an unprecedented work of Houkago Princess, and has movie-like splendor."

On the other hand, Maika who served as the main vocal of this song was looking forward to audience's feedback: "In this MV, I was able to turn into my admired Mermaid Princess while feeling the sea breeze. In this song, feeling of a sad first love is expressed in my singing voice, and I hope it can touch you!" Please check it out in the MV!

Houkago Princess "Seisyun Mermaid" MV short ver.

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