Q'ulle's First Oversea Performance (in Korea) During Asian Tour: Stage Report

Publish at 2016/06/16

Q'ulle held their first oversea performance at CLUB VERA (V-HALL), Seoul, Korea on May 29 (Sunday). This was a section of their Asian tour "other side of ~HOPE~" started from this April. During the tour, they will travel around 6 domestic cities + 4 Asian countries.

It was Q'ulle's first oversea performance, and also the first time for some of the members to be in Korea. They faced this performance in expectation, tension and anxiety.

Although Q'ulle has been active for only 2 years, they enjoy high oversea popularity via Internet, as they uploaded their videos like "Tried to Dance" onto video websites like Niconico and YouTube. Many fans rushed to the concert in order to "see Q'ulle jumping out of the screen and coming from Japan".

When opening video started to flow on the front screen of the stage, enthusiastic cheers and applauses of the fans exploded in their eagerness to see the members' appearance. As the atmosphere was heated, shouts and colorful glow sticks lit up the venue, and the five of Q'ulle appeared from behind the screen.

Yunoki tipped the first greetings. "Anyohaseyo('Hello' in Korean)! Everyone in Korea, let's enjoy this day!"

"Hello, Korea. We are Q'ulle! We are glad to meet you! Please go and enjoy until the end!" Following Manako's greetings in Korean, they were warmly welcomed by the venue: "Welcome to Korea!"

Imperceptibly, members' anxiety and tension vanished, and during the middle part of the live show, they started a harmonious talk.
They talked much, like "Korean fans are passionate! I already want to live in Korea!!!" Yakko played a burst of cold Japanese gags which were forbidden in Japan, but in contrast to members' awkward silence, Korean fans responded warmly to her performance. Maamu conveyed their thankfulness to the warm reaction of the venue "We would like to study more Korean and go to Korea again! Thank you guys!"

The fans' fever did not cool down at the end of main part! In response to the great encore call, members changed into tour T-shirts which were sold only during this Asia Tour.
The last song in the encore part was "P", against which everyone in the venue danced while waving towels. A t this climax, the show came to an end.

· Main part
2. Deep Drive
3. NOT
4. Rebirth
5. Chain
7. 1/3 Pure Love
10. Reason
11. MCOT
12. ONI
13. HOPE

15. GO!!
16. P

Q'ulle Asia Tour 2016 "other side of ~HOPE~"
5/29 (Sun) CLUB VERA (V-HALL), Seoul, Korea
6/18 (Sat) Hana Stage, Taipei, Taiwan
6/26 (Sun) Nagano LIVE HOUSE J
July Singapore
7/30 (Sat) Shanghai Plus Space, Shanghai, China
8/13 (Sat) Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX
8/27 (Sat) Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH
9/10 (Sat) Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
9/24 (Sat) Umeda Shangri-La
10/15 (Sat) Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)
Tour special website: http://qulle.net/2016asia-tour

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https://twitter.com/Qulle_official (account @Qulle_official)

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