BAND PASSPO☆ First One-Man Live Show Ended in Fervidity!

Publish at 2016/06/09

"BAND PASSPO☆", where members of PASSPO☆ are responsible for each instrument to carry out band activities, held its first one-man live at Harajuku Astro Hall on May 28.

Although the members had played in a band before, it was their first one-man live show as "BAND PASSPO☆". The tickets to the show were sold out immediately on its issue date.

In the live, the band performed band version of PASSPO☆’s songs, which excited the venue in a hot and rocking way. At times, however, they integrated peaceful songs into the performance.

In the encore, the band announced that its 2nd one-man live was going to be held at Shinjuku BLAZE on December 24.
※ Shinjuku BLAZE: A live house that is located in Kabukicho (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), the largest downtown street in Japan.

With the tickets sold out immediately, BAND PASSPO☆ embraced a perfect end, and started to run for the next stage.

Also managing to release its 2nd single in 2016 "Bacherorette Does Not End" ,
PASSPO☆ will probably continue a whirlwind in 2016. They are truly eye-catching.

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