Event Report for [527] All Japan Entertainment Collection

Publish at 2016/06/09

May 27, 2016, following events themed with "Local Region, Associated Region", idols and artists continued an activity titled [527] All Japan Entertainment Collection at Ikebukuro mismatch.

This time, the performers included Hinako (Okinawa), Smile team EAST (Chikuho, Fukuoka), RIKU (Aomori), Hachikin Girls (Kochi) (Ayaka Ishikawa only) (in order of appearance)

Next, we will introduce them one-by-one.

Hinako (Okinawa)

Fresh in Tokyo, she sang alternately cover and original songs while playing a blue guitar.
Also active as a model, she has a slender style. With such an appearance, her powerful voice volume and clear voice quality were absolutely fair-sounding.

Smile team EAST (Fukuoka)
This April, the four from team EAST transferred their base to Tokyo!
They have sincere singing voice and plenty of energy! Their youthful stage heated the atmosphere in the venue as a whole.
Hikari Kubota and Hirukawa Chie from Otome☆Corporation looked at them in an affectionate way, regarding them kindly as younger sisters.

RIKU (Aomori)
The charming singer is good at singing high up with emotional high tone. The audience all sat down and listened carefully. It was because they were immersed in the fitting atmosphere created by the song.
※ High tone (voice): voice going through high range without turbidity

Hachikin Girls (Kochi)
Although only Ayaka Ishikawa attended the event this time, fans were well-satisfied with her impressive singing competency and premium solo show.
Her set list consisting of acoustic arrangement from covers to original songs also proved her ability.

In the last part of the event, guests drew lots to get local curry as present. Finally, in a laughter following Ayaka Ishikawa’s mischief to RIKU, the event came to an end. What chemical reactions will occur next time? Let’s expect.

▼"Local" goods were lined up for sale

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