LUI FRONTiC AKABANE JAPAN, UP! UP! UP! Live Tour Over! Band Documentary Will Be Released!

Publish at 2016/05/29

LUI FRONTiC AKABANE JAPAN gave a one-man live show called “UPPPPP!!! Tour Final at CLUB Que, Kitazawa on April, 17.

This public tour was given to welcome Angles Ken on board, who just joined in the band this February. With meager budge (¥ 100,000), the live tour is the last stop of 19 of the national live tour.

At the advent of the live show, the band performed the lively singles in album UP! UP! UP! released this January. Pour Lui’s Furachine set the live on fire.

In the lasting excitement of the fans, the band concluded the show with If There Were No Tomorrow, the last piece in the album.

In the encore, the band performed its new single Spotlight:
Beautiful is the spotlight!
It made me bathed in tears this night.
You don’t have to awaken me
To what life shall be.
The band then expression its gratitude for the fans who support this live ill-budgeted tour.

Unable to deny the warm cheers, and applauses by the ardent audience, the members came again upon the stage:
I would stand by your side,
To brave the tempest,
And to greet the cleaving light.
Thus they, including Angles, closed the public show.

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The program of at CLUB QUE, Kitazawa (4/17/2016)

1. Starlight
2. Smash Hit
3. Starting from Tomorrow
4. Share Pri
5. Wonder Loop
6. Furachine
7. Separation
8. Name with a Glaze Hue
9. Bells
10. Cover
11. Ascending
12. I’m with You (Seesaw game)
15. Tarite
16. Ripumi
17. If there were no Tomorrows

E1. New Singles
E2. Dear
(I would stand by your side, to brave the tempest, and to greet the cleaving light.)

LUI FRONTiC AKABANE JAPAN has thus concluded its national live tour.

A message from members on their last stop of the live. Don’t miss it.
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