BABYRAIDS JAPAN’s Published Cover of its New Single

Publish at 2016/05/31

BABYRAIDS JAPAN, the five-member band, has published the cover for its New Single, which is supposed to come out May, 5, 2016. The album will have 12 singles, and will be depicted by chalkboard art and light art. This is much expected album, as its lyrist and composer of Believer is Horie Shota, author of quite a few popular songs. Believer will be the theme song of Unbelievable, a Fuji Television show to be broadcasted this April. The song is also accepted into SUPER SPORTS XEBIO. A tie-up with TVCM is being initiated.

Coupling Song has included not only Challenge by Sawada, My Adventure by Tarako, but also Days by Sasaki Naoto, and WAHAHA by LiFriends. The first limited edition DVD will contain a rich packet of video of BABYRAIDS JAPAN, which was held at the end of 2015. It is every fan’s must-have.

Official website of “We are Tigers”

The 12th single Believer will be released on May, 25, 2016 (Wed).

Lyrist and composer: Horie Shota

My Adventure
Lyrist: Sawada Challenge (The Challenge)
Composer: Tarako Challenge (The Challenge)

Lyrist and Composer: Sasaki Naota (Reaction The Buttha)
Composer: Reaction the Butta

Lyrist & Composer: LIFriends

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