A Special Interview to Ogose Aya, the Idol Winning Second Place in Eating competition.

Publish at 2016/05/30

There are quite a few women recently active in a TV Show called “Eating Competition”.

Take Moeno Azuki for example. An idol of Backst, she is now the fifth Gluttony Queen. Her becoming herself an idol in the eating competition, a totally different field, made a public clamor. The memory of it is still fresh.

Moeno Azuki, among the women idols, is at the apex of her career. However, she is being challenged by Ogose Aya, also an idol and a great eater.

Ogose Aya, after a fierce competition at Eating Competition on April 3, finally secured the second place. Her next goal is challenge tMoeno Azuki. It was reported that she was an idol of Niigata event.

It is a good opportunity to know of her, though we know very little about gluttony.

The interview took place at Miyake restaurant run by 三宅智子 (also an eating star) at central Tokyo, where a lot of eating stars were interviewed. We interviewed Ogose Aya over Miyake covered rice, the restaurant’s special dish.

That’s the Miyake covered rice! A glimpse of it will make you full.

The Interview
■ Ogose Aya used to be an idol!
Her mysterious past, and how she became a great eater
■ 100 pieces of sushi! Her record and her life of eating
■ Her profile

■ Her dreams other than eating

---- Let’s get started. Please say something about yourself.

Ogose Aya: I am Ogose Aya, whose body has enormous capacity. Call me Oshincha, if you like. Thank you very much!
----Though a little pity, you still got the second place in the Eating Challenge for Gluttony queen the day before yesterday.

Ogose Aya: It is my 3rd challenge. To be No. 1 has always been my dream. This time I wanted to win Moeno Azuki, but it is a shame I got the second place.

■ Ogose Aya used to be an idol! Her past, and how she became a great eater

--- You were an idol like Meono Azuki, weren’t you?

Ogose Aya: Yes, I was at that time climbing the showbiz ladder at Niigata. However, things were not that easy. After graduation, I came to realize I need to do something I like. Then, the eating competition. I didn’t expect I did that well.

It suddenly occurred to me, that I had been to lots of places, like Hawaii and Philippines, to film shows.

----When did you start participating in eating competition?

Ogose Aya: Only 1 year ago. In fact I had no idea about the competition, and about how much I could eat, but after I entered the qualifying competition, things began to change.

---So, you quitted being an idol, and then started the competition. My question is, when you were an idol, did you make it public that you were a great eater, too?

Ogose Aya: No, on the contrary, being shy, I always said I ate like a bird. (Laugh). For example, I quitted in the middle of dinner. I ate very little with other members on the pretext that I had no appetite.
----So, were they astonished at your eating too much?

Ogose Aya: Yes, they thought I was a freak. They even thought I brought tons of food I bought to the locker room to nibble. (Laugh)

--- When you were an idol at the bar, was there any theatrical stage put up for you?

---Ogose Aya: Sure. I did a few shows every day. I also join in bigger events and parties, but only occasionally.

--- Suppose you were a waitress, would you feel hungry at the glimpse of food you are carrying? (Laugh)

---- I love working in the restaurant, because I makes me feel happy when I carry the delicious food. I have that feeling, but I will always refrain (Laugh), even the guests allow me to eat, because a mouthful of food will make me a terrible glutton. I just cannot stop eating. (Laugh)

--- Did you sing or dance with an empty stomach, when you were an idol?

Ogose Aya: Very often. But after it, I ate to my fill.

---We now know you joined in eating competition because you loved it. Did you consider eating to be a new path of life, after you quitted showbiz?

---No, none at all. I attended the competition just because I could eat a lot of good food, and meet a lot of interesting people. That’s it!

----So, are you happy with what you are doing now?
Ogose Aya: Very much.

---By the way, did you have a good appetite before?
Ogose Aya: When I was a child, I had the experience of asking one more bowl of rice. Since I could make money, I went to buffets. I went to barbecue buffet a lot back in high school. (Laugh). That is how it goes.

Miyake covered rice has always on my eating list!

■ 100 pieces of sushi! Her eating record and her life of eating

---- I admire your work very much. Can you eat anything that comes to your mouth?

Ogose Aya: The annoyances are soft roes and herring roes. But once a girl, who was very close to me, encouraged me to take it as a soft roe for girls.

---- Could you tell me your eating record, since the chance is rare?

Ogose Aya: 143 pieces of sushi within 30 minutes, which is 70 plates of sushi. I say so, because it is easy to assess how much I can eat by counting the number of sushi. There were 5 kinds of sushi. I could eat more, if there were more kinds. By the way, I have a sweet tooth for sweet lobsters.

--- Are you happy when you see the plates empty in front of you?

Ogose Aya: Very.

---- Other records you will share with us?
Ogose Aya: I can eat 3 plates of beef and 3 bowls of rice within 20 minutes, when challenging for 30 minutes.

---- An ordinary person can only have oen plate, I guess?

Ogose Aya: One plate of beef is already too much for an ordinary man. One bowl of rice is a lot.
--- As a layman, I cannot but imagine whether you had experience of being expelled out of the restaurant for eating too much.

Ogose Aya: Yes, there were restaurants on the watch for me, but there are also others who were happy to see me eating. You know I am a civil girl, and I have never grabbed all the food into my plates. (Laugh)

--- That is something already done. (laugh)

This is a picture of you at the competition. It is a quite ordinary picture, but they have enlarged your face several times bigger.

---What is your favorite food?

Ogose Aya: Dorian chicken with rice! I also love milk food, and gratin and

--- What are your TOP3 favorites?

Ogose Aya: No. 1 will be Dorian chicken with rice; No. 2, cakes, and No.3. , avocado.
---Will you try hard before the competition?

Ogose Aya: Yes, I will, if the food is what I like.

---- Does the food to your liking, or to your disliking, have impact on the competition?
Ogose Aya: Sure! If I love the food, I will eat the last crumb of it; if I don’t, I suppose I will quit without finishing it.

---Are there knacks of eating?

Ogose Aya: I am studying the sequence of eating. When it comes to covered rice, it is better to mix rice and vegetables, than to eat them separately.

--- How do you carry on at the latter part of the final competition, when you feel you can eat no more?
--- You must have the faith that you can eat on. A strong faith is very important to the competition.

---But how do you put all the food in your small body? Has they just disappeared? (Laugh)

Ogose Aya: This question has been asked by many people. Shall I eat to my fill now, so that we can find it out? (Laugh)

Ogose Aya: The meat in the Miyake covered rice is soft and smooth. Yummy!

The profile of Ogose Aya

Ogose Aya’s Profile
Birthday: 7/1/1990
Birthplace: Niigata
Height: 150cm
Hobbies: Challenging menus
Strong point: Making bowel sounds

---Do you have foods to recommend at Niigata?

Ogose Aya: The lobsters here are very good. And, I have been recently keen on noodles. The Niigata ramen is also very famous. There are 5 kinds of ramen: Chaccha, miso, soy sauce, ginger sauce, and curry. The chaccha ramen of Sanjo is the best. There are a lot of ramen restaurants at Niigata, too, which have become my recent haunts.

---I know you love challenging different menus. Do you eat a lot when you don’t compete?

Ogose Aya: I am a constant eater.

--- Do you have your 3 everyday meals to the fill?
Ogose Aya: No, I don’t, because that will be a lot of money. I don’t have much for breakfast and supper.

--- Isn’t embarrassing during dinner, if you find your partners not your equal?

Ogose Aya: When I hang out with my friends, they are always thoughtful to me. Where we shall have buffet, they would ask me. (Laugh) Eventually, I only have friends of much eating. (Laugh)

Ogose Aya: I have been recently fond of Dragon Ball. I had no stomach for it, but I am now the show tracker. There is a duel with Freezer on the show.

--- Are you an Otaku and always staying at home?

Ogose Aya: I am a little low-spirited these days. I do cosplay, and I watch cartoons. Back to high school, I prepared all the painting materials, but I am still a lame painter to the day.

---Well, I would like to know your friend circle. You know, Moeno Azuki is both your idol and your rival. You girls have a lot of things in common. You both started your career from bars, while neither of you seemed to be gluttons.

Ogose Aya: I knew of Moeno from magazine. Later, I learned that she ate like a horse on the TV show. Then I was very interested in her. She was very cute, and I became her immediate big fan. At the assembly, the thought of working with Moeno, someone I really admired, made me very happy.

---- And what is her to you now?

Ogose Aya: Yes, quite complicated. I adore her, and I want to hang out with her, but the position she has is also what I want, and as rival I don’t want to lose to her.

Ogose Aya: The covered rice is really at all times a great pleasure to eat. I am having it now!

■ Do you have other dreams, besides the eating queen?

--- Apart from eating competition, do you participate in other activities?

Ogose Aya: I have hand in local eating events. I am also involved local magazines on eating events.

--- Do you have anything special to recommend?

Ogose Aya: You can take a look at “Can You Eat it” at Youtube. It is a program collaborated with静, a comic actor of Summit Club. I learned cuisine from her. I ate everything we have cooked in the program.

Last time I challenged the 5kg Ssambap, just as its name applies (‘Can You Eat it?), I tried it hard, and was just in time to finish it.

Here is the picture taken when she was challenging the 5kg Ssambap at “Can you Eat it?”
--- Is there a joint program for cooking and eating?

Ogose Aya: I guess the program, if there is such, only belongs to us. My daily work is to eat, but I have learned a lot from cooking, for example, how much ketchup is needed. (Laugh)

---There must be a lot of fun to challenge new things.

Ogose Aya: I also want to take a chance on food report. I am studying, and trying to be a gastronome.

---What activities do you anticipate for the future?

Ogose Aya: Apart from being a eating queen, I want to try my luck on acting and entertainments. If I may, I want to publish my CD, etc.
---- As an idol, you can sing, but do you have the experience of acting?

Ogose Aya: I played in the theatre before. As a layman, I will work hard from now on.

-----By the way, what makes you like acting?

Ogose Aya: I used to be a couch potato, admiring the shows of my favorite actresses.

---Thank you for joining me today. Do you have anything to say to the audience?

Ogose Aya: Though I am now making you laugh as a great eater, I will work hard on other things, too. Please continue your support.

Ogose Aya: And, thank you for your hospitality.
She had eaten it all before we could realize it. What a shame we failed to capture the last moment when she finished it! What an instant eater!

May you have a more dynamic future!

To track her activities, please watch “Can You Eat It?!”at Youtube! Her shows with her partners and her reactions are worth your special attention. In this program, you will find the perfect food, appetite, and variety.

“Can You Eat it?!”: challenging the 4.7kg Naples noodles

“Can You Eat It?!” Challenging 5kg Ssambap



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