Official Announcement from Rockajaponica: Solo Concert is to be Broadcasted and Released

Publish at 2016/05/28

RockaJaponica selected 5 idols (Uchiyama Ami, Naito Runa, Shiina Ruka, Takai Chiho, and Hirase Misato), out of 26 candidates from MOMOIRO CLOVER Z and Shiritsu Ebisu Middle School, by Stardust Promotion.

This will stimulate the idolizing movement, but also will change the music styles of Japan.

Rockajapanica’s debut solo concert took place in Harajuku Laforet Museum. Though a rainy day, the Museum was filled with many fans.

Hirase Miri was under the weather that day, however she still came, and announced with a smiling face that “Rockajaponica is now started.”

After a brief self-introduction and interaction, Rockajaponica sang “Thank You” by 3B Junior, which gained them a lot of cheers and applauses.

Shiina played next. She sang her cover version single. April 17 has a queerly similar pronunciation with Shiina.

The members also sang their originals like World Peace its debut song and 14 others by 3B junior.

To promote Wee FIGHT OH!!!!, 5 members sang in the new costume, which will appear in the 2nd album to be released July, 6, and will make their fans crazy.

They will have their exclusive column every Sunday after May.

“We’ll be broadcasted finally!”, said Takai in great excitement.

After “The Song for You”, the team leader Uchiyama said, “It is my pleasure to work with everybody to get this show done. Thank you all!”. The concert was thus finished.

The program at the Museum

SE Sun Live
1. World Peace
2. Stardust Fantasia
3. Thank you
4. Our own Hue
6. Wee FIGHT OH!!!!!
7. Best Friend (Kiroro)
8. You and the World
9. Fragine Stars
10. Stronger and Stronger
11. Love in the Wind (Chatmonchy)
12. Brave shadow
13. Run!
E1. Wee FIGHT OH!!!!
E2. The Song for You

■ About the product
Rockajaponica’s 2nd album
Launch Date: 7/6/2016

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