Chu-Z Tomeihan Tour, & ASUKA’s Graduation Report; TSUKIMI’s report

Publish at 2016/05/31

Hello, everyone!

I am TSUKIMI. I am in charge of lopi-lopi news reports.
I was a big fan of idols from my girlhood.

I posted the posters of “Good morning” on my walls. (Laughed)
TSUKIMI, 7 years old.

I like my job immensely, because it has something to do with idols.
Though it is my first time, as an author, I really wish to make my idols happy. If I could have your sweet blessings, I would surely be very, very happy.
So, that is all I wanna say!
Memorable first interview:

That is the final public show of Chu-Z, held at TSUTAYA O-WEST, Tokyo, on March, 24, 2016!
Also on that same day the graduation show of ASUKA, our image ambassador.

Outside of the venue TSUTAYA O-WEST were baskets and baskets of flowers, gaily decorated, eye-catching baskets from ASUKA’s fans.
I have seen many, many baskets in my life, and I am sure the baskets from my fans are the best!
We saw MIKU diligently rehearsing before the live show.
An idol, indeed! She carefully posed at our cameras.
Then we saw a flashlight from somewhere.
ASUKA saw something glowing around the portrait, like the theatrical lights, with a sense of rapture.
How I wish I could have a closer look!
Amazing, and fascinating! I am totally into it.
Needless to say, ASUKA and all the Chu-Z members must be adored by the host.

Then I saw the AMORECARINA staff at the open show.
The fresh AMORECARINA is a band made up of pupils and middle school students. It is the sister band of Chu-Z.
Before the live show, they made careful notes and practiced assiduously.

The live show of Chu-Z began!

The crew came on the stage in succession, and starting their performances.
The first player was KAEDE, who drained his lime juice.
It was their first chance to see an idol so unrestrained in drinking. LAUGH

The second player is KANA, whose adept, graceful dance skills gain him a great applause.

The third, the playful MIKU from Tokyo. His saucy galleries and jokes made everyone laugh to their hearts’ content.

The fourth, LUNA, a guitar girl. Everyone was engrossed by her sweet voice and proficient guitar skills.

Then, Maia! She came to the stage wearing the hairpin that was to her fringes fastened. LAUGH
Everyone mistook her to be a careless girl, and even I was deceived by her sloppy looks.

The leading role, ASUKA, came on the stage when the live show was going on!

90% of fans of Chu-A are boys.
The band’s costumes are chic and stylish even to girls, and are well received by the audience.

Pajamas is every girl’s dream, but it seems not every boy is so shallow as they think. LAUGHTER
It is the final live show of ASUKA, KANA and MIKU of Sun-Chu♡.
The episode of ASUKA stumbling on the stage made every roar with laughters. LAUGH
In short, every one of Chu-Z is diverse in personalities!
The charms of Luna’s guitar and KAEDE’s rap made the untiring and lovely live show irresistible.

Then, the band changed their costumes after the show. Contrary to what they were on the stage, Chu-Z exhibited themselves to be sexy and cool.

The climax of the show is Boombastic, released only last month in their 2nd album.
Chu-Z squad waved the fluorescent sticks, and the fans waved their torches along.
At the end of the show, ASUKA’s yellow balloons were soaring above the audience. On the balloons were written the slogans well conceived by the squad.
ASUKA’s favorite “GIRLS ON THE RUN” was performed. When she received flowers and gifts from her fans, ASUKA was bathed with joyful tears.
Even I could not hold back my tears at this brilliant show!

The future Chu-Z is going to missing one member .
However, they will never stop!
They will hold their solo concert at AKASAKA BLITZ on July 3, 2016.
They will also have tour shows at Tokyo, Echi, Osaka, Miyagi, and Fukuoka this October.
The promising Chu-Z is becoming the center of everyone’s attention.

It is my first time to watch the live show Chu-Z.
When I was beside myself with rapture in the commendable charms of these remarkable idols, I played their albums again and again, and could not wonder how many fans would be overthrown by their sweet loveliness.

And, though it was my first time, I took a lot of pictures with my MY camera.
How many scores I shall give them, since I love every one of them? ☆

It is not an easy job to film the concert.
However, I will do my best and will do it well, because I want to share with you the great moments of my idols.

That’s it! Tsukimi Ishizuka.

Meet in Dream
Bright Future
Flower’s Arch
Tell me why; tell me the meaning of life
Summer Dreamer
Fly High
Chu me now!!
LUCKY☆STAR(Bling Bling Princess)
Wish Squall (Sun-Chu♡)
Eternal Lover (Sun-Chu♡)
To tomorrow (LUNA Solo)
Get your dream
Breaking now
Bow Wow
One's Life
Give me a chance!
Favorite· Smile
Choose My Life
Double encore

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